Thursday, April 9, 2009

Onion Skin Easter Eggs Tutorial

This was taught to me by my mother, who learned it from my Grandmother! Its our Easter Tradition!
This is how we color our Easter eggs. Here is a quick totorial -sorry the pics aren't the greatest!!
First, you will need a bunch of dry onion skins. We use mostly yellow, but if you can get some red they make some awesome colored eggs! You can get them from the supermarket or save them throughout the year like we do! Put them in a large bowl and cover them completely with hot water. Let them sit for around 15-20 minutes or until thoroughly wet and pliable.

Next, grab a white egg straight out of the carton and cover the entire egg with pieces of onion skin so that no white spots are showing. This is a bit tricky - those little buggers can be slippery!

Now, grab your cotton string and begin wrapping around and around the egg. Make sure you leave a little tail at the beginning because you will need to tie that to the other end of string after you have wrapped all the way around.

Place all the wrapped eggs in a large pan.

Pour your onion skin water, with whatever onion skins are leftover, over your wrapped eggs.

Boil eggs for 20 minutes. This is important that you boil for 20 minutes. It makes the colors more vibrant!

After they have boiled for 20 minutes, cool them down in cold water. You can open them right away or you can do what we do and save them for Easter day and we all open a few. Its like unwrapping a gift because they are all different!

We usually place them back in the egg cartons and wrap in a plastic bag to keep moist. If they dry out too much the onion skins dry onto the egg and need to be soaked again.

Here is one I "opened". Pretty gorgeous huh!

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