Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grocery Store Find

As I was meandering around the produce aisle at our local supermarket I noticed a ginormous grapefruit looking thing. Normally I'm not one to venture outside my grocery list, but this humungous thing intrigued me. The smell alone drew me in and when I read on the sign, Pummelo $2.50, I scooped one up, put it in my cart and peeled towards the checkout before I could change my mind. The cashier even questioned what on earth it was, LOL. I just chuckled and told her I had no clue but had to try one!

As soon as I got home I googled Pummelo and found out what it was and how to cut it - I was so excited to try this fruit I dove right in...

Pummelo next to a tangelo.

Inside the fluffy skin, looks like an orange or a grapefruit. Now the tedious task of taking all that flesh out of those pieces....

Here it is!! My Pummelo all peeled, seeded and crumbled. I think I got almost 3 cups of fruit from the one pummelo. The taste is incredible - sweet and tart. I would definately recommend trying it!


Thank you so much to for including me in her most recent treasury I am so honored! Oh and it made it to the front page as well. Fabulous!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Metalsmithing is always something that has interested me, but where to begin?? My husband gave me his old micro torch and that is all I needed to want to jump into metalsmithing head first.

I have done a bit of .999 fine silver fusing and tried my hand at a little bit of sterling silver soldering without much luck. Turns out I need some guidance, lol.

A few weeks ago my mom texts me asking if I want to take a metalsmithing class through the Arts center in our town. Heck yes I do! Our classes started Jan 22nd and runs 6 weeks. Turns out this isn't just a metalsmithing class, we get to do lapidary work also!! Wow, a dream come true!!

I wish I had taken pictures of our progress, but turns out I am a crappy photojournalist! Here are the pics I have so far.

We got to pick out a stone, the shape and then saw, grind, dap, and polish our stone. Here is mine: Mahogany Obsidian.

Next, the bezel. Measure and cut the bezel, anneal the metal, solder the two ends together.

Now for the "boat" as our instructer ( calls it. Here is my design sawn out of 22 gauge sterling silver sheet.

Obviously I have a ways to go on this piece - which will be a pendant - but this way you can get the general idea of the look I am going for.

Stay tuned, I will post pictures next weekend with my progress!

Jen, novice metalsmith. Out.