Thursday, April 16, 2009


The weather has been soooo gorgeous this week I can hardly stand to be indoors!! I have managed to make a few things and get some posted on Etsy though!

Here are my newest fav earrings!

Plumeria ~ Raspberry Pink Tourmaline and Sterling Silver

I made myself a pair a while back using Apatite briolettes - LOVE THEM!! These dont seem to be flying off the shelves, so we will see if I create anymore of these in some different colors.... I have tons of teeny weeny briolettes that work just perfect for these, I could make a whole garden of colors!

Speaking of gardens, I am excited to get my flowerbeds all spiffed up and my garden ready to plant! My tulips are getting close to blooming! Hopefully within the next few days we will get some much needed rain! The forecast does call for showers this weekend.... Imagine that, pristine during the work week and rainy on the weekend.... whats new!!

As soon as my tulips bloom I will be trying to take some decent pics and get them posted!!

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