Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grocery Store Find

As I was meandering around the produce aisle at our local supermarket I noticed a ginormous grapefruit looking thing. Normally I'm not one to venture outside my grocery list, but this humungous thing intrigued me. The smell alone drew me in and when I read on the sign, Pummelo $2.50, I scooped one up, put it in my cart and peeled towards the checkout before I could change my mind. The cashier even questioned what on earth it was, LOL. I just chuckled and told her I had no clue but had to try one!

As soon as I got home I googled Pummelo and found out what it was and how to cut it - I was so excited to try this fruit I dove right in...

Pummelo next to a tangelo.

Inside the fluffy skin, looks like an orange or a grapefruit. Now the tedious task of taking all that flesh out of those pieces....

Here it is!! My Pummelo all peeled, seeded and crumbled. I think I got almost 3 cups of fruit from the one pummelo. The taste is incredible - sweet and tart. I would definately recommend trying it!


Thank you so much to for including me in her most recent treasury I am so honored! Oh and it made it to the front page as well. Fabulous!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Metalsmithing is always something that has interested me, but where to begin?? My husband gave me his old micro torch and that is all I needed to want to jump into metalsmithing head first.

I have done a bit of .999 fine silver fusing and tried my hand at a little bit of sterling silver soldering without much luck. Turns out I need some guidance, lol.

A few weeks ago my mom texts me asking if I want to take a metalsmithing class through the Arts center in our town. Heck yes I do! Our classes started Jan 22nd and runs 6 weeks. Turns out this isn't just a metalsmithing class, we get to do lapidary work also!! Wow, a dream come true!!

I wish I had taken pictures of our progress, but turns out I am a crappy photojournalist! Here are the pics I have so far.

We got to pick out a stone, the shape and then saw, grind, dap, and polish our stone. Here is mine: Mahogany Obsidian.

Next, the bezel. Measure and cut the bezel, anneal the metal, solder the two ends together.

Now for the "boat" as our instructer ( calls it. Here is my design sawn out of 22 gauge sterling silver sheet.

Obviously I have a ways to go on this piece - which will be a pendant - but this way you can get the general idea of the look I am going for.

Stay tuned, I will post pictures next weekend with my progress!

Jen, novice metalsmith. Out.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Working on Photos

This year has swirled by like a whirlwind. I simply cannot believe it is already December... The days are getting shorter, it is getting darker out earlier and the extreme cold is coming. It is hard to stay motivated when it looks like 10pm at 4pm - especially when it comes to taking photos!

Since the days are dark by the time I get home from my day job, I have to find a way to take photos without natural light. I have always used natural light and the Macro setting on my Canon SD750 for taking photos of my jewelry, however, they never seemed crisp enough and rarely showcased the beautiful sparkle and faceting of the gemstones. I have a couple lamps with daylight bulbs I have been experimenting with; different positions, pointed at the wall to refract light, using a diffuser, different backgrounds, etc, etc. Here are a few of my most recent items and photos....
Fog - AA Chalcedony Spiral Briolette and Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace
Galaxies - Prehnite Dew Drops and Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings

Mandarin Orange - Mandarin Garnet and Sterling Silver Necklace

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun, Food, Family

Today is my dads 60th birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad! To celebrate his birthday, we had a family gathering with lots of food and fun!

When our family gets together it seems like we always make way to much food. For our small gathering I brought pork tenderloin (which I won on $1.00 at the local meat raffle - SWEET!), and fruit pizza per my dads request!

I was a little leary of cooking the pork. Normally me + pork = dry meat you cant chew enough and wash down with any amount of water! Thank God for is all I have to say. I found and easy recipe which I tweeked a little and the tenderloin turned out FANTASTIC! Needless to say it was a hit and is now the meat of choice for all our family gatherings!

The fruit pizza bars is also the new birthday cake for our family. So easy, and yummy! Very refreshing after a good hearty meal!

Here are some pics and the recipe!

1 pkg refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1 pkg cream cheese, softened
1 8oz container whipped topping
1/4-1/2 cup confectioners sugar
Fruit of choice - I use strawberries, blueberries and kiwi
Either a pizza crust or 9x13 shallow pan
Spread the dough in the ungreased pan getting all the way to the edges. Bake cookie dough until the edges are just turning golden brown. Remove from over and cool a few hours or overnight.
Mix the softened cream cheese, whipped topping and powdered sugar until well mixed. Spread over cooled crust.
Top with fruit!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Treasury!

Thank you Farmchicked for including me in your newest treasury - Back is Black. What a gorgeous treasury. I am so honored to be a part of it!

Hoping to get lots of stuff done this weekend.... I am ready to run out the door, take care of the horses, take the dogs for a jog, mow at my parents house then home to hopefully get some jewelry stuff done! I am working on a jewelry for a wedding - 12 sets!! I gotta get cranking out some new earwires!! I also am working on new inventory for the Pit Stop! I hope gas station go-ers like gemstones!!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Included in a Etsy Treasury!

Many thanks to for including me in her lovely treasury!!

For some reason I cannot get a copy of the picture to save...maybe I am just tired....