Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday...some good, some bad...

Everyone wants the good news first right? Or is it the bad news first? Hrmm...... I will start with the bad and end on a good note!

My husband was informed when he arrived at work today that he will be getting laid off on April, 17th. Not a huge shocker since there have been layoffs recently at his work, but its still a solid kick in the shorts, thats for sure. Thankfully my wonderful husband is quite talented and can turn his hand at just about anything, except making jewelry of course...LOL, you should see him squint his eyes at the stuff I do and wonder how I can get my fingers and eyes to work on something sooooo tiny. Oops, got off to a small tangent there. Anyways, he is great and we are both hoping and praying that it will work out for the best! Ya gotta be optimistic in times like these!

Now for the good news! I received a lovely package in the mail today, well actually 3 packages! I felt like it was my birthday, I LOVE getting mail.. HAHA! One of the packages I was particularly excited to receive. It was my chain! LOL, probably doesn't sound that exciting, but since it was chain I needed to complete a custom order, it was way more exciting than normal!

So here it is! Yay! The finished product!

Kiss of an Angel ... Orchid Pink Chalcedony ... Dark Oxidized Sterling Silver

Love it!!! I think it looks great oxidized! Really makes the color POP!

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