Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grocery Store Find

As I was meandering around the produce aisle at our local supermarket I noticed a ginormous grapefruit looking thing. Normally I'm not one to venture outside my grocery list, but this humungous thing intrigued me. The smell alone drew me in and when I read on the sign, Pummelo $2.50, I scooped one up, put it in my cart and peeled towards the checkout before I could change my mind. The cashier even questioned what on earth it was, LOL. I just chuckled and told her I had no clue but had to try one!

As soon as I got home I googled Pummelo and found out what it was and how to cut it - I was so excited to try this fruit I dove right in...

Pummelo next to a tangelo.

Inside the fluffy skin, looks like an orange or a grapefruit. Now the tedious task of taking all that flesh out of those pieces....

Here it is!! My Pummelo all peeled, seeded and crumbled. I think I got almost 3 cups of fruit from the one pummelo. The taste is incredible - sweet and tart. I would definately recommend trying it!

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