Saturday, February 6, 2010


Metalsmithing is always something that has interested me, but where to begin?? My husband gave me his old micro torch and that is all I needed to want to jump into metalsmithing head first.

I have done a bit of .999 fine silver fusing and tried my hand at a little bit of sterling silver soldering without much luck. Turns out I need some guidance, lol.

A few weeks ago my mom texts me asking if I want to take a metalsmithing class through the Arts center in our town. Heck yes I do! Our classes started Jan 22nd and runs 6 weeks. Turns out this isn't just a metalsmithing class, we get to do lapidary work also!! Wow, a dream come true!!

I wish I had taken pictures of our progress, but turns out I am a crappy photojournalist! Here are the pics I have so far.

We got to pick out a stone, the shape and then saw, grind, dap, and polish our stone. Here is mine: Mahogany Obsidian.

Next, the bezel. Measure and cut the bezel, anneal the metal, solder the two ends together.

Now for the "boat" as our instructer ( calls it. Here is my design sawn out of 22 gauge sterling silver sheet.

Obviously I have a ways to go on this piece - which will be a pendant - but this way you can get the general idea of the look I am going for.

Stay tuned, I will post pictures next weekend with my progress!

Jen, novice metalsmith. Out.

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